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From November 2016 till date, over 3000 rural farmers have been able to keep a job, expand their farm operations and increase their revenue as a result of intervention by Farmcrowdy.

Empowering small-holder farmers is our priority and a way of contributing to increasing domestic food production and security. We ensure that everyday people like you can participate in the agricultural value chain while also helping to impact a farmer’s life.

Sunday Ohimai

Cassava Farmer, Edo State

Sunday Ohimai is a Cassava farmer in Edo State. Since he joined Farmcrowdy, he has managed to increase the amount of farmland he can cultivate and multiply his production capacity and general quality of life. No wonder he already can't wait for the next farming season!

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Maize Farmer, Plateau State

Esther is one of our female Maize farmers from Plateau state. She is a smallholder farmer in Dorowa-Babuje, an outskirt of Jos. With Farmcrowdy's help, her farmland has increased from just one small portion of land to one whole hectare. She's confident that the income she will make from her increased capacity will enable her to meet more of her financial commitments to her family.

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Ayo Okagbuan

Cassava Farmer, Edo State

Ayo Okagbuan is a farmer with a Cassava farm in Oke-Old in Edo State. Before starting out with Farmcrowdy, he could only cultivate less than 15 acres of farmland, but he can now cultivate over 50 acres of arable farmland - a size of land he has never been able to cultivate before.

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Olubayo Momidu

Rice Farm, Edo State

Olubayo Momidu is a rice farmer in Edo state. He has received support from Farmcrowdy in the form of fertiliser, seed, pesticides, herbicides and other farm input, as well as knowledge of better farming processes. He has nothing but thanks for Farmcrowdy.

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Olumide Dada

Poultry Farm, Lagos State

Olumide Dada is a poultry farmer in Lagos State. With Farmcrowdy's help, he has grown the production capacity of his poultry farm from just 1,000 broilers to over 5,000 broilers and he's guaranteed of a quick sale of his produce. Quoting him, "working with Farmcrowdy has made a huge difference in my life".

ThankGod Ayekimoyasade

Rice Farmer, Edo State

ThankGod Ayekimoyasade is a rice farmer in Edo state. As a result of Farmcrowdy's intervention to empower farmers in his community, his rice farming and production has improved.

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Monday Eseimuze

Cassava Farmer, Edo State

Monday Eseimuze is a farmer in Oke Old; Owan West LGA of Edo State. A veteran farmer who has always farmed on a small scale - just between 2 to 10 local acres within a year. Since signing up to Farmcrowdy, he now farms about 1-2 Hectares (20-40 local acres) and benefits from the new farming techniques taught to him.

He wants Farmcrowdy to come earlier next farming season to continue to assist him and his peers. In his words, "Thank you Farmcrowdy, God will help you to give us more helping hands next year!"

Barnabas Yakubu

Maize Farmer, Plateau State

Barnabas Yakubu is a maize farmer in Plateau state. He had always practised subsistence farming for himself and his family, but since Farmcrowdy began to support farmers in Dorowa, Plateau state, he can now farm on a larger scale.

Barnabas is thankful for farming for the opportunity that working with Farmcrowdy has given him to expand his capacity. Sponsor a farm today to support more farmers like Barnabas across Nigeria.

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Naarbet Salaam

Maize Farmer, Plateau State

Naarbet Salaam is a Maize farmer in Dorowa Babuje, Plateau state who can't stop thanking Farmcrowdy due to how much has changed in his life as he can now cultivate a bigger farmland, get fertilisers, chemicals and even money for labour and thus increase his yield because of Farmcrowdy. He can also make more profit and better take care of his family.

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Special Song for Farmcrowdy by Akwa-Ibom Women Farmers

The women farmers in Akwa-Ibom State had a special song for the visiting Farmcrowdy team. They were happy to express how Farmcrowdy has impacted their lives and communities via a song they composed specially in their local dialect.

The joy and warmth in the rendition of this melody reiterates how much the Farmcrowdy project means to these farmers and encourages us to do even more for small scale farmers across Nigeria.

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