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Cattle Farms


Nigeria spends in excess of 900 Million Naira on imported frozen meat annually even though we have the capacity to rear more cattle and divert that spend to growing our economy. Presently, an estimated population of 200 million live in Nigeria with beef consumption amounting to 380,000 tonnes in 2014. This is projected to grow up to 1.3 million tonnes by 2050. We have expanded our impact to Cattle farming through our new Cattle Fattening project using a Feedlot Production system. Feedlots are confined areas with watering and feeding facilities where cattle are fed for the purpose of production of fit-for-slaughter beef that are high quality, nutritious, and disease-free. Raising cattle in feedlots eradicates the problem of animal rustling as the animals are fitted with biocompatible passive RFID microchips approved by ICAR which are used to identify and geolocate individual livestock animals which is essential for surveillance and disease control. Also, very importantly, we see it as an immediate solution to the increasing trend of farmer/herdsmen clashes, threatening the peace and security of the country due to the migration of nomadic herdsmen as a result of deteriorating environmental conditions and desertification to places where there are already shortages of farmland. We aim to scale up our Cattle Fattening operations and use it to encourage traditional cattle herders to embrace Feedlot Cattle production as an efficient alternative to the archaic nomadic practice of raising Cattle.

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