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Fresh Produce Trading Farms

Fresh Produce Trading

In partnership with Lagos State Government and other private sector players, Farmcrowdy, our impact partner is well-positioned to bridge this food security gap by commissioning 80 aggregation centres across the country and a mega sorting facility in Lagos to aggregate major agricultural produce. Farmcrowdy is bringing food closer to individuals and families without letting them take on the risk of going outside to find food. By bridging this gap, more people can practice social distancing and curb the spread of Coronavirus.


Is this opportunity insured? 

Goods In Transit insurance policy has been put in place by Leadway Assurance. Due to the nature of these trading, Goods-in-transit insurance will cover all produce being moved from aggregation centres to their sorting facility in Lagos. The insurance will also cover the warehouses, aggregation centres, and sorting facility against perils like fire, theft, and rodent attacks.

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