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Our Current Traction

The extent to which our product has grown in the past 22 weeks.

Revenue from Transactions


$33,000 generated over the first 22 weeks of delivering high-quality farm produce to consumers.

Unique Orders


3,567 orders successfully completed over the first 22 weeks with zero recorded returned orders.

Unique Customers


A total of 831 unique customers catered to with 100% satisfaction and value for money.

Why FC Foods?

Our digital food ecosystem offers many benefits that you can’t access anywhere else.

Fresh meat


Best Foods Processing and Sorting Facility

We process and store high quality meat and agricultural food products using modern technology and under hygienic and safe conditions.

Fresh Produce Order


Digital Tech

Order and pay for your agricultural food products and services from the convenience of your phone through our mobile app, whatsapp, or via our hotline.

Farm Produce Delivery


Last Mile Delivery

Receive goods conveniently from your doorstep and reduce the need to go to marketplaces or encounter hassles during food purchases.

Fresh meat


Meathub Shops

Walk into any of our strategically located Meathub shops to pick up your order if you prefer a walk-in option.

Getting into the details

FarmcrowdyFoods is a one-stop digital marketplace that allows consumers to conveniently purchase highly affordable fresh food products and groceries.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or from the iOS App Store. Click here to download the Farmcrowdy Foods App if you are using an Android device and click here to download the app if you are using an iOS device.