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Why You Would Love Farmcrowdy Finance

Understand the benefits FC Finance provides to you both as a Farmer and Individual. They are benefits you will definitely enjoy.

Fresh Produce


Get Connected to Superior Markets

Gain access to superior markets to sell goods and services from your farm at appropriate prices.



Get the Financing For Your Farm Needs

We provide direct and guaranteed access to loans by farmers who are unable to obtain financing from commercial credit sources.



Input Financing for Farmers

We make available crop and livestock inputs such as cassava, rice, wheat, tomatoes, maize, and others through CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme, Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP), and other intervention schemes.



Equipment Financing and Third-Party Collaborations

Obtain equipment financing, structured finance, and other forms of collaborations with third parties for the purpose of implementing agricultural credit projects jointly.

Getting into the details

Farmcrowdy Structured Finance is a platform for providing farmers and low-income earners with capital and finance for inputs.

Farmcrowdy Structured Finance provides farmers and low-income earners in the agriculture value chain with access to capital for investments and inputs.

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