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 Farmcrowdy Tech & Data background

We Improve Farmers Outcomes & Decisions

Expanding farmers’ capacity to make the right decisions and outcomes by building platforms and tools for efficient analysis of agricultural data.

What our platform provides

Farmcrowdy Tech & Data provides users with major benefits that influence farming decisions.

Data Analysis

We offer information and tools for processing and analysis of data to help improve farmer decisions and outcomes across several value chains.

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Market & Yield Predictions

With our current yield and market knowledge, we predict future consumer behavior to enable farmers identify yield and profit opportunities.

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Market Research Points

With surveys, focus groups, and interviewers, we carry out adequate market research to determine customer needs and preferences.

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Price Data Comparison

We carry out price comparisons with competitors to determine the best pricing system for goods and services offered.

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Yield Forecast Data

We determine the expected yield of agricultural products and use this data to determine the future outcomes of farming endeavours.

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Why You Should Use Farmcrowdy Tech & Data

Our platform provides various services which enable farmers to make informed decisions.



Annual Farm Reports

Detailed account of all activities carried out on the farm including people, processes, machinery, income, and expenditure.



Field Weather

Use GPS and Weather tracking tools to determine current weather condition and weather forecast for utmost cultivation.



Field Costs

Market analysis tools to determine accurate field cost for crop cultivation and make farming decisions.

Dry soil


Soil Temperature Maps

Access to high tech agricultural tools to determine ideal soil temperature for crop cultivation and utmost yield.

Growth Chart


Input ROI

Use accurate data and market research to determine returns on investments on agricultural input.

Getting into the details

Farmcrowdy Tech & Data provides information and tools for processing and analyzing data to help improve farmers’ decisions and outcomes across the agricultural value chain.

Our services include; data and market analysis tools, pricing decision-making tools for farmers, yield projections and optimization, and GPS and Weather data tracking.

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