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What do sponsors say about us?

With over 4,000 farm sponsors and Over 80,000 farm sponsorships, read what our customers are saying about us.

  • Precious Adesina-ola

    I love that you are prompt with ROI payment. I am comfortable with the app platform because I can always check my investments. Good job you guys are doing.

  • Herbert Sowemimo

    My experience has been most satisfying both as an investor and as contributor to improving the welfare of Nigerian farmers. I am thrilled at the opportunity presented by this model that financially empowers farmers who have no collateral for bank finance to be funded and grow their farming business . I will invest more as time goes on.

  • Abdulkadir Shuaib Barma

    Impressive . I am highly impressed and delighted,may you grow higher from strength to strength.

  • Emmanuel Michael

    What I love most about Farmcrowdy is the detailed dashboard and regular status updates on the sponsored farms. It gives me peace of mind because I know what is happening with my farms at every point in time.

  • Tony Odutola

    Benchmark for integrity and trust.

  • Essien

    I have had great experiences investing with you guys. You are honest and reliable plus give healthy returns. I also like that we are touching actual people's lives for the better.

  • Israel Alaya

    My experience with FARMCROWDY is sweet and long lasting. FARMCROWDY has combined integrity with business. This means a lot to me because ordinary Nigerian lacks honesty and integrity. The last time I sponsored poultry farm units, my returns on investment was paid a day before actual day for payment and these are young Nigerians I am yet to meet physically. Farmcrowdy is an organization to watch because she will go places. Any business built on integrity will succeed and it is interesting that Farmcrowdy has chosen this path. Please keep this up!

  • Amechi Ebeledike

    My experience so far has been that of joy, fulfilment and satisfaction. Farmcrowdy exhibits youthfulness and technology driven operations. What I like most about farmcrowdy are communication friendliness, timely action on investor feedback and ability to develop new schemes in the midst of competitive environment without compromising benefits to investors and hopefully farmers and the Farmcrowdy Team. Surely, if you keep up with this pace and maintain this culture, even sky will not be your limit. Keep up the good work.