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Farmcrowdy is the leading agtech company in Nigeria focused on providing the necessary tools and technology for farmers and agribusinesses to boost food production with better yields, lower costs, and smarter marketing.

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Finance and Credit

Structured financing to help smalholder farmers boost their production capacity

In the last three years, we have provided structured financing and credit to farmers across several agricultural value chains.

Raised $15m USD for 25,000 farmers

Cultivated on over 17,000 acres of farmland

Raised 3,000,000 broiler chickens

Processed 2,000 fit-for-slaughter bulls

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Aggregation and Sales

Aggregation of fresh food produce and commodities from farm-to-shelf

We use our tech-powered network of agro commodity aggregation centres to aggregate key fresh produce, direct from farming communities, giving buyers, processors and service providers access to markets across the entire fresh produce value chain

Harvest aggregation

Input sales and collection

Provision of technical expertise of GAP

102 aggregation cenres in 8 states across Nigeria

Farm produce
Technology and Data

A technology-first approach to seed, input and agronomic analysis and sourcing

We give farmers tools to help them purchase only the best seeds and input, optimize production decisions,, identify yield and profit opportunities, and map their farmlands amongst other services, all automatically.

Data and Market analysis tools

Pricing decision making tools for farmers

Yield Projection and Optimization

GPS and Weather data tracking

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Tailor made by Farmers for Farmers

Farmcrowdy offers an ecosystem of products and services that helps everyone connected with the Food Value Chain (farmers, producers, financial institutions, state governments, etc.) make smarter decisions. This results in lower production costs, reduced lending risk, better yields, efficient marketing, increased incomes and boosting food security.

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17,000 acres of farmland cultivated


Deployed for farming projects in three years.


Raised 3 million chickens with lower than average mortality rate


States worked in across Nigeria

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